What we do

Missions, Values, Achievements

For over 30 years we have brought together senior leaders in and of the North West to harness the positive power of business for the good of the region. We are an independent business voice, connecting and helping to shape opportunities to drive positive change.

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Joelle Warren, Simone Peppi and Jonathan Murphy stand next to each other smiling to the camera with a modern office background

Our vision

We want to make sure the North West is the best place to live, work and do good business. With our inclusive and collaborative approach, we seek to lead, inspire, and harness the power of business by placing the needs of communities and all people at the heart of what we do.

Through our work, we frame the much-needed conversations and start the initiatives which set positive change in motion.

Our mission

In all that we do, we are on a mission to position the North West as the UK’s best region to do business, work, live and invest for generations to come.

How we action our mission across the region through our Networks, Connections and Impacts.



We provide opportunities to develop personal and valuable relationships with leaders who share an ambition to support the North West. Our members benefit from networking with high-level businesspeople and like-minded individuals, sharing ideas and inspiration relating to the region’s development.



It’s our role to connect our members to each other and the North West business landscape by providing deep insights into the region. We help each other learn more about the businesses, people, and government in the North West to deliver the good business agenda from a place of true understanding. 



We act as an entry point into high value, influential discussions. We create the right environment to speak to the people and organisations who have the ability to create the business conditions the North West requires to make positive change.