We Are Essential Resources


A successful and balanced economy that works for all will be both sustainable and resilient. Our work focusses upon how we can both secure and optimise, our use and exploitation of our essential resources. We are working to address fundamental questions regarding the reliability of our energy supply, sufficiency of food production and the resilience of our water supply. The nexus of these three essential resources not only offers the key to future security, but also opens up significant business opportunities, if we are prepared to invest in solutions.

The North West has an essential role to play in this space. It is rich in potential for generating additional energy, predominantly from renewable resources, as well as in the provision of water, processing of waste water and in the production and processing of food. These vital resources are not yet being tapped to the extent they are likely to be required in the years ahead. There is obvious business advantage to be gained by focusing on these opportunities.

Here Professor Tim Wheeler, Vice Chancellor at the University of Chester, and Chair of the NWBLT’s Essentail Resources Group, explains more…


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