NWBLT Panel Opens The University of Manchester Triple Helix Conference

Last week, several NWBLT members and partner organisations spoke at the University of Manchester’s Triple Helix conference.  The conference examined the intersection between academia, government and business and sought to promote innovation through the meeting of these three strands.

The NWBLT were delighted to organise a panel for a session entitled Powering Strategies on innovation – Perspectives from Northwest England. With business representation including David Pinder, CEO of Baxi and Laura Webb, Technology Consultant Lead at Accenture as well as an NWBLT academic representative Luke Geoghiou, Deputy Vice-Chancellor University of Manchester alongside partners – Susan Smith, STFC Daresbury and Dean Cooke from Innovate UK – the panel covered the concept of the Triple Helix in its make up and was brilliantly chaired by Justin Kelly of Siemens UK.


One of the concluding thoughts of the panel session was the importance of collaboration between businesses and academia. Only this can ensure the sustainability of business that must continuously innovate to survive.  The NWBLT understand the necessity of innovation and to hear more about our past and future work in this area please see our page on Science and Innovation.