NWBLT host Productivity Connections Workshop

In early July the NWBLT were delighted to partner with, and host, the third in a series of workshops organised by Lancaster University Management School’s Centre for Productivity & Efficiency working with the Work Foundation.   The workshops were entitled “Productivity Connections” because of the importance of various forms of connections in understanding and overcoming barriers to productivity, in the UK and beyond.

The aim of the workshops was to look at the connection between Lancaster’s  research on the one hand, and practice and policy on the other, which ensures the research they do is relevant and has impact.  They also wanted to develop connections between the business and policy communities and their various Knowledge Exchange activities such as management development programmes and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The two prior workshops had taken place at Lancaster University and the Work Foundation in London and the NWBLT hosted one took place at Daresbury Laboratories where the NWBLT’s Executive Office is based.  The focus of this event was on “Productive and Innovative Places” and featured keynote address from Emma Degg, CEO of NWBLT, who spoke about the Industrial Strategy and its emphasis the importance of place. Regional ecosystems provide an opportunity for specialisation, sharing of expertise and resources, and cultivating innovation. She reported about the North West embarking on an adoption pilot for the ‘Made Smarter’ industrial digitalisation initiative.

NWBLT member Dr Martyn Spink, Programme Director at IBM Research, who are based at the Hartree Centre, Daresbury spoke about “What Are IBM Doing at Hartree?”.

A full report from each of the workshops will be available soon.