New Innovative App to help disabled residents accessing our towns and cities

The NWBLT, sees making the North West a great place for all to do business live and work, regardless of whether they are fully-abled or not, as our central goal. To achieve this we must make sure the region is fully accessible. One of the more worrying developments that has come to light, particularly in recent months following the tragic events this summer, has been the possibility that our town and city centres, may experience emergency incidents, be they terrorist related or otherwise. Most of us are generally well prepared to deal with these incidents. Unfortunately, some in our communities, particularly due to disability are less able to maintain a constant level of vigilance or immediately react to an emergency – this worry may lead to some in our communities not being able to access the opportunities in our towns and cities.

We therefore welcome the development of an app called “Shop Safe.” It will ensure all are able to react and be aware of incidents and ease the worries felt by members of our communities when they travel into our towns. This is a wonderful initiative and at its heart lies a fantastic goal. On top of this, the app is a blatant example of innovation and demonstrates how in the North West we are prepared to think outside of the box to resolve the challenges in our region.

If you wish to read more about the fantastic Shop Safe app click here to visit their website. Or download their brochure below:

InformMii SHOP SAFE Liverpool Brochure_Final