Jodrell Bank Shortlisted to Gain UNESCO World Heritage Status – A Global Example of the North West’s Scientific Prowess

The NWBLT welcomes the news that Jodrell Bank in Cheshire has been shortlisted for UNESCO World Heritage Status. For over 50 years Jodrell Bank has been a testament to the North’s ability to take a leading role in the scientific advancement and work at the absolute forefront of human knowledge.

Jodrell Bank is a remarkable feat of scientific engineering and imagination. The most famous feature on the site is the Lovell Telescope, which on completion was the largest steerable dish radio telescope in the world. It is outstandingly still today, after 60 years since its completion, the third largest of its kind in the world and it is still contributing greatly to the field of astrophysics. Jodrell Bank’s uniqueness alongside its clear scientific utility makes it a worthy candidate to become a World Heritage site.

On top of its scientific functions it provides fantastic community engagement and learning opportunities, teaching and inspiring home grown future scientists and engineers right here in our region. Because of this, Jodrell Bank is an asset to the region beyond its scientific capabilities and structural uniqueness. It is an asset because it inspires. Since 2011 the site has attracted over 150,000 people a year including 15,000 school children. It cannot be overstated how valuable sites such as Jodrell Bank are for our region. They offer genuine an invaluable contributions to science while simultaneously inspiring future generations and underscoring the North West’s past efforts in global scientific advancement.

Many of us in the North West will be aware – and rightly proud – of the contributions the region has made across all scientific fields. NWBLT members often sing the praises of our region’s industrial heritage and further economic advancement through scientific endeavours. It is great when this work and success is recognised not just nationally but globally.

By remembering the scientific achievements of our past we are able to create an environment that fosters further scientific advancement for our future. We must make sure science and those working in all fields receive the praise that they deserve. This along with community engagement will ensure that we see future international recognition of North West scientific greatness for many years to come. We must ensure that remarkable scientific feats, such as the creation of Jodrell Bank was 60 years ago, are helped to flourish today. The NWBLT sees our role and responsibility in this as business leaders and we will continue to support scientific progress and development as it inspires and contributes to the social and economic circumstances of the region and the country as a whole.

Jodrell Bank will here more about its application for UNESCO World Heritage status in January 2018. We look forward to seeing such a valuable North West asset recognised all over the world.