Discovery to Delivery

Discovery to Delivery

The North West of England, the region surrounding the world class cities of Manchester and Liverpool, is one of the most compelling places within Europe to successfully grow your science and technology business.

The North West presents an over £140bn economy, which is growing at the fastest per capita rate within the UK . The North West is a world class region for science and technology innovation investment and businesses can benefit significantly from the excellence in skills and facilities and the unique ecosystem the region offers.

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The North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT) is an independent group of influential business leaders, who work together to promote the sustainable economic development and long-term well-being of North West England.

‘Discovery to Delivery’ is a research-based prospectus produced by Accenture in collaboration with the NWBLT. This research built on previous analysis which identified four science and technology areas where the North West is performing world-leading activity - the “great four”. Discovery to Delivery outlines how businesses can benefit from the unique ecosystem within the region, based on its science and innovation assets, facilities and broader lifestyle proposition. This ecosystem positions the North West as one of the leading areas for science and technology investment. Accenture is a proud member of the NWBLT.

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